What Your Donations Support

Requirements for Expanding Needs

The Foundation provides transport for the orphanage kids, Darul Uloom students, as well as assist with transporting the Madressah kids. We are currently paying off one vehicle, however due to the constant growth of the Foundation, a second vehicle is required to cope with the current and growing capacity.

Future Plans
Requirements for Sponsporhips in order to Become Self Sustainable

Alhamdulilah,The Foundation has obtained land, which is currently being paid off. We require sponsorship to develop and build on this land.

Due to the difficulties in fundraising caused by Covid-19 restrictions and the consequences thereof, we have decided to undertake projects which will be able to sustain us in the future by generating income so that we can become self-sustainable in the future.

We would like to build flats and shops can on this land, which will provide a sustainable source of income. However, in order to get to this goal, we are in need of generous sponsorship to make this Rental Apartment Sustainability Project possible.

We have also begun The Borehole and Bottled Water Sustainability Project, alhamdulilah Awqaf Foundation has sponsored the Borehole to begin our initiave. We now require a Water Filtration System, Water Filtration Licence, Bottling Equipment, Packaging Equity, Labelling Equipment and Initial Supplies.

The Al Hudaar Foundation has various running projects that require support to run on a monthly basis, the Foundation also has up-coming projects planned which require assisstance as well. Below are some of the schemes the Foundation are host to.

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