Sustainability Projects
Al Hudaar is grateful and in need of the help of all our sponsors. 2020, however has presented challenges for fundraising events and collections.
Looking towards the future, we have created Sustainability Projects which, when completed will help towards funding our continuous needs in a more self-sustainable way.
We are currently working on two projects and will add more in the future as the financial needs for our survival and progress requires.
The two projects currently in need of your generous sponsorships in cash, kind or services, in order to help are become self-sustainable, are as follows:

  • Borehole and Bottled Water Sustainability Project
    Alhamdulilah, Awqaf Foundation has sponsored the Borehole for us. When
    completed, the next costs that require funding will be The Cost of Water Filtration, The Cost of Licensing of Water Filtration, Bottling Equipment, Packing Equipment, Labeling Equipment as well as initial materials costs. This project will help us cut the costs of our water needs for The Al Hudaar Orphanage, Madressah and Masjid which are on the same property.
  • The Bigger Picture is the sales of the Bottled Water which can help towards our ultimate
    goal of self-sustainability to fund our continuing projects.
  • Rental Apartments Sustainability Project
    Alhamdulilah, Land was donated on which we wish to build shops and rental
    apartments which can generate continuous revenue towards our existing, ongoing
    and new planned projects.
    In order to do so, we would require the help of generous sponsors to funding planning, development, building and other related costs required to bring this project to fruition.

Building Projects

Orange Farm Masjid

The Al Hudaar Foundation has expanded, we have built a Masjid in Orange Farm to provide Dawah. The Foundation were blessed with the opportunity to construct a Masjid in this area where Islam is growing rapidly and there existed a need for a masjid. The Foundation started the project in April 2015, Alhamdullilah with the support from sponsors the project is now complete.