Requirements for Expanding Needs
An Aerial view from the entrance shoing the masjid and stores which will be accessible to the community.
An aerial view of the future Al Hudaa Village.
The masjid for 200 musallees wwill cater for 5 daily salaah, Eid salaah, Jumuah salaah, Itikaf, Dhikr, Lectures and more.
These are the cottages. There will be many of these, each will house a few oprhans, There will be separate ones for Darul Uloom Students, separate ones for caretakers as well who will be overlooking the Orphans and the students.
There will be two identical buildings like these. The one will be a school for the orphans and madressah for them in the afternoons. The second building will be the Darul Uloom and also provides secular education and skills development for the Aalimah students.
The Kitchen and dining hall. to maintain cleanliness and safety in living quarters, none of our Orphanage or Students or Caretaker cottages will have kitchens. This communal kitchen an dining hall will provide 3 meals to all orphans, students and caretakers of Al Hudaa Village daily.
These income generating stores will be built last and the rental income will be used to maintain as much of the masjids costs as it can in the future.
Current Plans
Sponspors Required for Buidling

Help us build:

  • A Masjid for 200 musallees
  • Girls Darul Uloom
  • Darul Uloom Housing
  • Orphanage
  • Madressah & School
  • Kitchen & Dining Hall

Give with your heart to a project that will give you Sadaqah Jariyah Rewards forever. Create a Jannah legacy.

Located on the peaceful farm, at Plot 566 Farm, Bronkhorstfontein, North West you’ll find Al Hudaa Farm, not far from the famous fishing spot “Lion Lodge Vaal.” Help us make Al Hudaa Village a reality.

Apa Nafiza Vally +27 83 430 6301


Building Projects

Orange Farm Masjid

The Al Hudaar Foundation has expanded, we have built a Masjid in Orange Farm to provide Dawah. The Foundation were blessed with the opportunity to construct a Masjid in this area where Islam is growing rapidly and there existed a need for a masjid. The Foundation started the project in April 2015, Alhamdullilah with the support from sponsors the project is now complete.