Established in 2010

In today’s day and age there has been an ever-increasing demand to house homeless children who have lost their parents. This coupled with a clear need in the community was the inspiration for the Al Hudaar Orphanage that has been setup.


•Currently providing a warm, loving home to our children (number changes constantly) and growing rapidly
•Able to house about 50 children
•Warm, comfortable home with 3 meals a day
•Madressa Education at all levels
•Counselling where needed
•Life Skills
•Love and care
•Providing Schooling to the children

Al Hudaar believes that it is important to have balance between work and play and we take the orphans on various excursions and provide a variety of activities for the kids. The following pictures are of their first excursion which we had taken them on this is just one of the many activities which we do with the orphan children. They also have karate lessons once a week on a Saturday morning in order to teach them discipline.