Girls Darul Uloom

Established in 2015

The Al Hudaar Girls Darul Uloom was established in 2015 as a new project. The Darul Uloom provides quality Islamic education aimed at empowering our graduates. The Darul Uloom also provides life skills courses such as cooking classes, computer literacy, English lessons and sewing lessons. The Darul Uloom currently hosts 30 girls from South Africa as well as neighbouring African countries who reside on the premises. These girls will spend 5 years in the Darul Uloom dedicated in the quest to learn deen and become qualified aalimahs. The Darul Uloom provides them with a comfortable home, three meals a day as well as snacks in between.

Five Year Complete Aalimah Course

The Girls Darul Uloom will be offering the complete and certified five year Aalimah course with additional computer literacy classes as well as life skills to empower our young ladies with all the necessary skills required to become financially independent as well so that when they qualify they are readily armed with knowledge to impart and can use one of their mastered skills to empower themselves and others In Sha ALLAH.

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